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Fumio Watanabe Illustration Essay

One of my favorite places to seek inspiration is the Tokyo Illustrators Society. Set up in 1988, they have an amazing roster of members, all of whom are producing a great range of work. One artist who I recently discovered is Fumio Watanabe and I absolutely love his work. Hoping to find out a little more about him, I googled his name and was amused to discover that one of the only English-language pieces written about him comes from this very site! It would seem that myself and Bobby have very similar tastes! Anyway, since the last time we checked in with Fumio he has continued to produce some really wonderful work and so I thought it was time that I shared some more of his work with you.

These images are taken from a series of imagined European landscapes and it’s wonderful to see Fumio’s impression of Europe. Inspired by the changing of the seasons, this work is based on the landscapes and architecture of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Fumio’s work is wonderfully eye-catching and I love his bold color choices and his pixel-inspired impression of Europe. You can see more work from the illustrator and artist on his website here.

you know, i swear a LOT in real life. i first spotted Fumio Watanabe‘s work¬†on Kistina’s tumblr, and when i clicked through to his portfolio i actually said, out loud, “fucking hell.” i try to keep things clean on the blog because i know a lot of people don’t appreciate swearing (apologies for all the trash talk) – but i have to be honest with you, his work is so fucking mind blowing i consequently swore more than usual. but in a good way… a great way!

and it’s not digital guys – these are painted! either acrylic or gouache, i’m not sure (lots of japanese to google translate)