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Education Research Papers Uk

Popular education journals

This list only identifies the most popular education journals in the collection.  The university takes nearly 60,000 journals so 

  • to check if the university has the journal you want, use the Journal Title search on the catalogue (this flowchart illustrates how to do this), or
  • to find articles on your research topic, search DISCOVER (this allows you to search most of the electronic databases) or search individual databases that index what is published in journals.  You can search by keyword or subject term.  

Art teaching

International Journal of Art & Design Education  Electronic  |  Print

Assessment and evaluation

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education  Electronic  | Print

Assessment in Education  Electronic  |  Print

Children's literature

Books for Keeps  Print

Children's Literature  Electronic  |  Print

Children's Literature Association Quarterly  Electronic  |  Print

Children's Literature In Education  Electronic  |  Print

Horn Book Magazine  Electronic  |  Print (to 2006)

Lion and the Unicorn  Electronic  |Print


Curriculum Journal  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Curriculum Studies  Electronic  |  Print

Pedagogy Culture and Society  Electronic  |  Print

Design and technology teaching

D & T Practice  Print

Design & Technology Education  Print

Drama teaching

Drama: One Forum Many Voices  Print (to 2008)

Research in Drama Education  Electronic  |  Print

Early years

Child: Care, Health & Development  Electronic  |  Print (to 2008)

Child Development  Electronic

Early Years  Electronic  |  Print

Early Years Educator  Print

Education 3-13  Electronic  |  Print

European Early Childhood Education Research Journal  Electronic  |  Print

International Journal of Early Years Education  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Early Childhood Literacy  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Early Childhood Research  Electronic  |  Print

Nursery World  Electronic  |  Print

Practical Pre-school  Print

Teaching and Learning  Electronic  |  Print (to 2009)

English teaching

Changing English  Electronic

Children's Literature in Education Electronic  |  Print

English Drama Media  Print

English 4-11 (formerly Primary English)  Electronic  |  Print

English in Education  Electronic  |  Print (to 2007)

English Review  Print

Journal of Early Childhood Literacy Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Research in Reading  Electronic  |  Print

Literacy  Electronic  |  Print

Literacy Today  Electronic  |  Print

Use of English  Print

Further and higher education

Active Learning in Higher Education  Electronic  |  Print

Adults Learning  Electronic  |  Print

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education  Electronic  |  Print

Higher Education  Electronic  |  Print

Higher Education Management & Policy  Electronic  |  Print

Higher Education Quarterly Electronic  |  Print

Industry and Higher Education Electronic  |  Print

International Journal of Lifelong Education   Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Adult and Continuing Education   Electronic  |  Print (to 2009)

Journal of Further and Higher Education  Electronic  |  Print

Research in Post-Compulsory Education Electronic  |  Print

Teaching in Higher Education  Electronic 

Times Higher Educational Supplement  Website  | Print

Geography teaching

Development Education Journal  Print (to 2007)

GeographyElectronic  |  Print

Geography Review Print

Geography TeacherElectronic

Primary GeographerElectronic  |  Print  

Teaching Geography Electronic  |  Print

History teaching

Primary History Print

Teaching History Electronic  |  Print (to 2006)


British Journal of Educational Technology Electronic  |  Print

Computer EducationElectronic 

e-Learning Today  Print

Technology, Pedagogy & EducationElectronic |  Print

Learning and teaching

Active Learning in Higher Education  Electronic  |  Print

Early Years  Electronic  |  Print

Education 3-13Electronic  |  Print

Forum for Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education Electronic  |  Print

e-Learning Today  Print

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education   Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Curriculum Studies  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Education for Teaching   Electronic  |  Print

Mentoring and TutoringElectronic  |  Print

Professional Development in Education   Electronic  |  Print

Race Equality TeachingPrint

Teachers and TeachingElectronic  |  Print

Teaching and LearningElectronic  |  Print (to 2009)

Teaching in Higher EducationElectronic

Technology, Pedagogy & EducationElectronic |  Print

Times Educational Supplement   Electronic  |  Print


Educational Management Administration & Leadership Electronic  |  Print

Higher Education Management and PolicyElectronic  |  Print

Improving Schools   Electronic  | Print

International Journal of Educational ManagementElectronic

Management in EducationElectronic  |  Print

Organizational Research MethodsElectronic

Quality Assurance in EducationElectronic

School Leadership and ManagementElectronic  |  Print

Mathematics teaching

Educational Studies in Mathematics  Electronic  |  Print

For the Learning of MathematicsPrint

Mathematical GazettePrint

Mathematics In SchoolPrint

Mathematics TeachingElectronic  |  Print

MicromathElectronic (to 2005)

Research in Mathematics EducationElectronic  |  Print

Teaching Mathematics and its ApplicationsElectronic  |  Print

Teaching StatisticsElectronic  |  Print

Modern Foreign Languages

Journal of Multilingual andMulticultural Development Electronic  |  Print

Language Learning JournalElectronic  |  Print

NACELL BulletinPrint (to 2007)

Music Teaching

Primary Music TodayPrint

Philosophy of Education

Journal of Moral EducationElectronic  |  Print

Journal of Philosophy of EducationElectronic  |  Print (to 2004)

Physical Education

Adapted Physical Activity QuarterlyElectronic  |  Print

Physical Education MattersElectronic | Print

Education and HealthElectronic  |  Print

European Physical Education ReviewElectronic  |  Print

International Journal of Physical EducationPrint

JOPERD: Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & DancePrint

Journal of Teaching in Physical EducationElectronic  |  Print

Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science  Electronic  |  Print

Pediatric Exercise ScienceElectronic  |  Print

Physical and Health Education Journal  Print

Physical Education and Sport PedagogyElectronic  |  Print

Physical Educator Electronic  |  Print

QuestElectronic  |  Print

Sport, Education & SocietyElectronic  |  Print


Primary Education

Child EducationPrint

Education 3-13Electronic  |  Print

Junior EducationPrint (to 2009)

Primary PracticePrint |(to 2005)

Teaching & LearningElectronic  |  Print (to 2009)


Culture, Health and Sexuality  Electronic  |  Print

Health Education Journal  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Moral EducationElectronic  |  Print

Pastoral Care in EducationElectronic  |  Print

Race Equality TeachingPrint

Sex EducationElectronic  |  Print


AdolescenceElectronic  |  Print

British Journal of Educational PsychologyElectronic  |  Print (to 2008)

Child Development   Electronic  |  Print

Educational Psychologist  Electronic  |  Print

Educational Psychology in PracticeElectronic  |  Print

Journal of Educational PsychologyPrint

Perceptual and Motor SkillsPrint

Religious Education

British Journal of Religious EducationElectronic  |  Print

RE TodayPrint


British Educational Research JournalElectronic  |  Print

British Journal of Educational StudiesElectronic  |  Print

Cambridge Journal of EducationElectronic  |  Print

Educational Action ResearchElectronic  |  Print

Educational ResearchElectronic  |  Print

Educational Research & Evaluation  Electronic

Educational Research for Policy and PracticeElectronic

Educational Research QuarterlyElectronic

Educational ResearcherElectronic

Educational ReviewElectronic  |  Print

Educational StudiesElectronic  |  Print

European Early Childhood Education Research JournalElectronic  |  Print

Evaluation & Research In EducationElectronic  |  Print

Journal of Educational ResearchElectronic

Organizational Research MethodsElectronic

Research in EducationElectronic  |  Print

Research in Post-Compulsory EducationElectronic  |  Print

Research Papers In EducationElectronic  |  Print

Review of Educational ResearchElectronic  |  Print

Science Teaching

Biological Sciences ReviewPrint (to 2009)

Chemistry ReviewPrint

Education in Science Print

International Journal of Science Education  Electronic

Journal of Biological Education  Electronic  |  Print

Physics ReviewPrint

Primary Science Review  Print

School Science ReviewPrint

Studies in Science EducationElectronic  |  Print

Secondary Education

AdolescenceElectronic  |  Print

Forum for Promoting 3-13 Comprehensive EducationElectronic  |  Print

International Journal of Inclusive EducationElectronic  |  Print

Social aspects

British Journal of Sociology of EducationElectronic  |  Print (to 2007)

Gender & Education  Electronic

International Studies in Sociology of Education  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Multilingual andMulticultural Development  Electronic  |  Print

Pedagogy, Culture and SocietyElectronic  |  Print

Youth and Society  Electronic  |  Print

Special educational needs

Autism  Electronic  |  Print

British Journal of Learning Disabilities  Electronic  |  Print

British Journal of Special EducationElectronic  |  Print

Exceptional ChildrenElectronic  |  Print

International Journal of Inclusive Education  Electronic  |  Print

Special Children  Print

Support for Learning  Electronic  |  Print

Teaching Exceptional Children  Electronic  |  Print

Teaching and learning

Active Learning in Higher Education  Electronic  |  Print

Early Years  Electronic  |  Print

Education 3-13  Electronic  |  Print

Forum for Promoting 3-19 Comprehensive Education Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education   Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Curriculum Studies  Electronic  |  Print

Journal of Education for Teaching   Electronic  |  Print

Journal of In-Service Education Electronic (to 2008) |  Print (to 2008)

Mentoring and TutoringElectronic  |  Print

Professional Development in Education   Electronic  |  Print

Race Equality TeachingPrint

Teachers and Teaching  Electronic  |  Print

Teaching and Learning   Electronic  |  Print (to 2009)

Teaching in Higher Education  Electronic

Technology, Pedagogy & Education  Electronic |  Print

Times Educational Supplement   Electronic  |  Print

Teaching Education  Electronic

British Education Research Journal

The British Educational Research Journal (BERJ) is the flagship journal of BERA and has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Indexed by the Institute of Scientific Information, Philadelphia on the Social Science Citation Index, its impact factor has increased in each successive year. In 2010, BERJ’s Impact Factor was 1.14 and it was ranked 47th of 177 international journals in the area – which is very high for a general education journal.

Although the Journal showcases the very best of British educational research, it publishes articles by, and for, researchers in education throughout the world. The Journal is interdisciplinary in approach, and includes reports of case studies, experiments and surveys, discussions of conceptual and methodological issues and of underlying assumptions in educational research, accounts of research in progress, and book reviews. For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

For more information, please visit the publisher’s website.

To view articles free of charge please click on this link to the publisher’s website (you must be a BERA member and logged in to view this content)