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Essay On Your Favourite Advertisement

My Favorite Advertisement

It’s hard to say which advertisement I liked the most. I seldom watched commercials. But one commercial was interesting. When I saw it at first time, I liked it immediately. This advertisement talked about Coca Cola. It was a very cute commercial and didn’t say any word. But I impressed by this advertisement because it subverted our imagination. The advertisement focused on the automat. Well, it should be said that it focused on how to made Coca Cola. The commercial created a world in the automat. There were many creatures living in the automat. When a man tossed a coin into the vending machine, the creatures started to work. Different creature was in charge of different work. Some creatures took out a bottle, some creatures poured Cola in the bottle and put the cap on the bottle, others iced the Cola. When it finished, all of creatures celebrated just like they finished a masterpiece. This commercial was different from other Coca Cola’s commercial. This one was more creative, I thought. And all the commercials of Coca Cola I liked this most. The factory owner didn’t use the famous star but anime. Although there was not superstar in it, it stills a good advertisement.

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Advertisement Analysis Essay

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Advertisement Analysis

Expenditure on UK television advertising in 2002 was £3.7 billion. This comes as no surprise considering the overwhelming effect advertising can have on its audience. Adverts can have an effect on our subconscious by using different techniques such as offering us not just a product, but a lifestyle. They give us motivation to buy a product: Wearing this perfume will make you more attractive, eating this food will make you funnier, your children will love you more if you buy them this toy. Every one of our emotions is played on so that we will feel obligated to buy the product.

Personally, I think that the actual effect that advertising can have on society is…show more content…

This brings me to my chosen adverts for comparison. 'Lancôme Paris Teint Rènergie Lift', 'Yves Saint Laurant-Eau de toilette', and 'Chanel'.

The first, 'Lancôme Paris Teint Rènergie Lift', is a foundation which claims to firm and reduce lines on your skin. It uses some copy but generally, the effect of the advert comes from the picture which takes up about two thirds of the A4 sized advert. The picture is of a woman tying the foundation to a rose with a piece of gossamer fabric. This picture is extremely persuasive and each object shown implies something different about the product.

The woman pictured has very subdued make-up, the advert's intention is not to make her look exciting and full of personality like many make-up adverts, but to make her fresh faced and young to appeal to the correct target market- slightly older women perhaps entering their forties. The advert also uses a certain level of sophistication to reach this market. The woman is looking directly at her audience, her expression is confident and engaging to draw us in to the advert.

The rose carries with it many connotations. The rose is generally associated with love and beauty. It implies youth and has a very powerful impact. It being tied to the foundation shows its closeness and similarity to the product and so the connotations are carried through. The colour of the rose is also very

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