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Schulich Leader Scholarship Winners Essay

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The Schulich Leader Scholarships is a Canadian and Israeli undergraduate award program that provides scholarships for students enrolled in STEM areas of study. Established in 2011 following a $100 million gift from Canadian businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich[2] and Co-administered by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto,[3] the program was initiated with the goal of producing STEM leaders to strengthen the economic competitiveness of Canada and Israel.[4] In the inaugural year, 977 high schools and CÉGEPs across Canada put forward a nominee to compete in the annual award competition.[5] In 2015, 1,250 students were nominated, fifty of whom were selected for the scholarship by one of the twenty participating universities.[6]

Selection Process - Canada[edit]

In Canada, all secondary schools may submit a single nominee for the award each year, with the exception of CÉGEPs in Québec, which may submit two. To be eligible for the scholarship, nominees must meet two out of three criteria: outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership; academic excellence; and/or financial need.[7]

Choosing from the pool of nominees who have applied to their institution, each of twenty participating universities select two students to become Schulich Leader Scholarship recipients - one student pursuing undergraduate studies in engineering receives a scholarship valued at $80,000 CAD, while the second scholarship, allocated to a student in one of the other three STEM disciplines, has a $60,000 CAD value.[8] The five university partners that attract the most Nominee applications by deadline are provided an additional two scholarships to offer: one towards engineering ($100,000 since 2016-17) and one towards science and mathematics ($80,000 since 2016-17).[9]

Selection Process - Israel[edit]

In addition to the Canadian program, Schulich Leader Scholarships is being carried out at five participating universities in Israel.[10]

In Israel, nominees are evaluated based on similar attributes: leadership and volunteerism, academic standing, and financial need.[11]

Each university selects ten Schulich Leaders annually: five engineer-based Leaders and five science, technology or mathematics-based Leaders.[12]

Universities and Schulich Leaders[edit]

The following university partners distribute Schulich Leader Scholarships:


British Columbia[edit]



Year / UniversityMcMaster UniversityQueen's UniversityUniversity of OttawaUniversity of TorontoUniversity of WaterlooWestern UniversityYork University
  • Clifford Roose Lerebours
  • Daniel Hu
  • Émilie-Anne Fleury
  • Regan Cross
  • Arpit Sharma
  • Yaakov Green
  • Adesewa Oloko
  • Magdelena Richardson
  • Tayyaba Bhatti[48]
  • Elise Hewat
  • Conary Coyne
  • Melissa Cusack Striepe
  • Erika Kropf
  • Jessica Loiseau
  • Shing Shan Chan
  • Mary Hickox
  • Sandra Smeltzer[80]
  • Lin Wei Tung
  • Christopher Choquette-Choo
  • Daniel McInnis
  • Julia Won[83]
  • Annie Yao
  • Aaron Grenke
  • Ella Rasmussen
  • Madeline Shred
  • Cindy Wei
  • Nadav Gasner
  • Kyra McLellan
  • Behrad Dehnadi
  • Emma Mogus
  • Erin Puersten
  • Kaylie Lau
  • Isabel Hazan
  • Becky Balcom
  • Jaedyn Smith
  • Jessie Payne
  • Colin Daly
  • Mackenzie Collins
  • Kyne Santos
  • Emma Paynter
  • Amelia Carver
  • Lovdeep Singh
  • Linda Guo
  • Sandra Sabongui
  • Rafthesh Balendran
  • Arma Khan
2017Jomanah Chahrour

Sam Crawford

Joshua Guiness

Nicole Wong

Laure Halabi

Jacob Meadus

Ryley Molloy

Johann Sapim

Susie O'Brien

Denis Qeska

Aiden Aird

Andres Lombo

Carl Pinter

Jack Stanley

Alina Arvisais

Cameron Bardell

Mickey Dang

Emma Lozhkin

Luke Ingratta

Joy Shah

Kezia Johnson

Nathan Stachow


Year / UniversityMcGill UniversityÉcole Polytechnique de MontréalUniversité de MontréalUniversité Laval
  • Julie Wong
  • Michael Kourlas
  • Laurence Arpin
  • Flavie-Anne Boulerice
  • Sacha Lajoie
  • Terry Blaskovits
  • Audrey-Ann Lavoie
  • Manuel Lavoie-April
  • Simona Bene Watts[87]
  • Anna Henley
  • Marie-Danielle Duquette[92]
  • Rosemarie Dupont[93]
  • Nicolas Tremblay[93]
  • Abtin Ameri
  • Mana Moshkforoush
  • Camille Comtois
  • Michelle Janusz
2017Iva Demirova

Katherine Sirois

Frédéric LarocqueStefan HoroiNicolas Fillion

Gabrielle Martineau


Year / UniversityUniversity of New BrunswickDalhousie UniversityMemorial University
  • Brady Hooley
  • Dulanga Ranasinghe
  • Julia Pennell
  • Lauren Atkinson
  • Cole Walsh
  • Jivetesh S. Chhatwal
  • Maike van Niekerk
  • Akanksha Joshi - Dropped
  • Grace Marcoux
  • Brianna MacKeigan
  • Shuaijin Wang
  • Sonja Power
  • Allyson Evans
  • Victoria Somerton
  • Meriel Fitzgerald
  • Sakif Mohammed
  • Finnegan Kummer
  • Cassie Hall
  • Jack deGooyer
  • Bailey Tarrant
2017Madeleine Crawford

Nathan McNally

Kate Arpin

Brad Jones

Jessica Blatta

Zack Rooney



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