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Scumble Book Talk Assignment

Re: ESP (explore soft pastel)--August 2004: scumble, glaze and feather

Excellent teaching here, everyone should be VERY grateful indeed.

I would just add one small caveat . You say that feathering is used "to mute and draw together an area of the painting, not adding color over it but softening and subduing color and contrasts."

Here in the UK, we WOULD consider feathering one way of ADDING to the colour, rather than a technique for simply muting the colour.

When I use feathering, I use it as a mass of individual strokes, built up gradually, and I sometimes use this for adding richness to a colour area that seems dull or flat, particular where I might have some solid or blended areas that have filled the paper tooth and I want to bring back the liveliness of the texture.

feathering can help to produce subtle changes of colour character ...

*by lightening, or darkening, a mid-tone that lacks contrast with surrounding colours:

*by "cooling" a warm colour, or vice versa

*by enlivening colours that have been deadened, by introducing light touches of a contrasting colour.

I find that the essential difference between feathering, and scumbling and glazing, is that for feathering, one uses the "point" of the pastel to lay down swift little linear strokes, while both scumbling and glazing need to be done with the side of the pastel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not in any way meant to argue with your teaching - simply to add to it. I do hope you won't mind, Deborah. Sometimes, we tutors have different meanings for the various technical terms, AND DO THINGS IN SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT WAYS, and it can be helpful for students to know this.

I think WC-ers will find your thread incredibly useful, how lovely of you to spend so much time on this.


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