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Ronald Mcnair Essay Writing

McNair Seminars and Scholarly Activities

During the academic year, seminars are directed at developing important research skills and preparing you to apply for graduate school.

  • For first-year Scholars, fall and spring seminars introduce you to the fundamentals of research and prepare you for the McNair Summer Research Experience. The summer seminars focus on writing an academic research paper, preparing for conference presentations, preparing for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and developing your graduate application portfolio.
  • Non-graduating Senior Scholar seminars focus on applying for fellowships, applying for summer research programs, networking at conferences, and developing effective leadership skills.
  • Graduating Scholar seminars focus on organizing your graduate application packets, applying for fellowships, graduate school visits, selecting a graduate school, and making the transition to graduate school.

By the end of the McNair Program, you’ll have had extensive training and access to the resources that will prepare you to apply and enter a masters or Ph.D. program.

Graduate School Preparation

The McNair Scholars Program assists scholars with GRE preparation, finding the right graduate school, and researching funding opportunities. You’ll learn how to navigate the application process, write a statement of purpose, and construct a curriculum vita. In graduate school preparation seminars, scholars receive an overview of higher education, discuss strategies for surviving and thriving in graduate school, and focus on developing important research and writing skills that will help you prepare for success in graduate school.

Research and Faculty Mentoring

Faculty mentors assist scholars in selecting and designing a research project and supervise all research-related activities. You’ll prepare and submit a research proposal and follow IRB guidelines for certification and protocol development (if applicable). Your mentor will direct you to the appropriate background literature and provide training in required techniques or procedures. In addition, your research mentor will be asked to review and critique a rough draft of the proposal, presentation abstract, and final paper. Your research mentor should be available to offer support and advice for graduate school opportunities.

During the summer after your first year in the Program, you'll participate in the eight-week McNair Summer Research Experience (MSRE), completing a research project under the guidance of your faculty mentor. You’ll conduct research in collaboration with your faculty mentor; provide periodic progress updates to your peers and McNair staff; write a research report; and prepare a conference and poster presentation. You’ll receive a research stipend to support your summer work.

During your second year in the McNair Scholars Program, you'll participate in UNL's Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program or may continue your research funded by other research programs or your department.

Social, Cultural, and Community Outreach

As part of the program, the McNair staff coordinates occasional social, cultural events, and community outreach activities. Social events may include a reception honoring McNair graduates. Cultural events will be announced as they arise. McNair Scholars are encouraged to share their research through community outreach opportunities to demonstrate the broader impacts of their research.

Application Process


Our application for the 2018-2019 cohort will open November 15th. The application deadline is Friday, February 2, 2018 by 5 pm.

Application Instructions (Includes Essay Prompt):UW_McNair_Application_Instructions_2018

Please fill out Application Form (Use Adobe Reader):2018-McNair-Application-Form-fillable

(This application was last updated on 11/22/2017.  Please make sure you are using the most recent application version.)

Directions for Submitting your Letter(s) of Reference:

  1. Contact your letter writers, letting them know that you will be applying to the McNair program (remember to provide your writers with plenty of time to write you a strong letter.)
  2. Email the following information:
    • First and Last Name of Recommender
    • Title
    • Department
    • Email Address
    • Your relationship to recommender

    In your subject line write: Reference Submission for (your name).

  3. We will send your letter writer an email with the instructions for writing and uploading an electronic copy. We will send out your email within 24 hours (M-Th) of receipt of your email, so make sure you provide us with the name(s) and email(s) as soon as you are starting your application.

(Depending on your internet browser settings, you may need to download the PDF in order to fill it out electronically.)

Please review the eligibility requirements. Also, we highly recommend that interested students discuss the application process in person with McNair/EIP Graduate Student Advisors during their office hours.

A completed application consists of:

  • A completed application form
  • A statement of purpose
  • One copy of your college transcripts from all institutions attended, including UW (an unofficial copy is acceptable)
  • A copy of your parents’ most recent income tax form (or, if your parents cannot claim you as a dependent, then your income tax form)
  • A copy of your financial award letter
  • One or two letters of recommendation, depending on your year in school (See instruction on application form – at least one must be from a faculty member)
  • A writing sample of at least two pages that was completed within the last year (e.g., a final paper from a course)
  • Resume/CV

Mail or drop off applications to:

McNair Scholars Program
171 Mary Gates Hall – Box 352803
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-2803