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Engl 102 Fiction Essay Thesis And Outline For Research

Smith 2OutlineTHESIS: “The Lottery” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner” may have a few similarities, but when it comes to their conflict, plot, and structure, they differ for the majority. I.Although both stories end with the death of a character, the conflicts are mostly different and do not take similar paths. A. In “The Lottery” it is hard to truly know the conflict throughout the story. Theconflict of the individual vs. society is only apparent at the end.B. The opposite is true in “The Rocking-Horse Winner”. The conflict is apparentat the beginning; the family does not have the money for their wants and needs. II. Just like with the conflicts, the two stories differ in plot and tone until the end, where they both end in darkness. A. “The Rocking-Horse Winner” has more ironic tone which sets the plot. The author sets a story that originally is not in favor of the adults, but sympathetic to the boy. The plot then focuses on Paul and his deterioration, which sets a tone of sympathy for his death. B. Unlike “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, “The Lottery” has a completely different tone that sets its plot. The story starts with a feel of freedom and bliss. Throughout the story a mystical theme that carries until the end. II.Similar to the plot, the structure of the two short stories are constructed in very different ways until the end. A. “The Lottery” is constructed in a way that conveys mystery and the unknown. The conflict is not revealed until the very end when death happens. The structure leaves the reader searching for answers.

Matthew Burt Mrs. Lund English 102-B28 24 May 2013 Fiction Essay Thesis: The two short stories are vastly different when it comes to their conflicts, structure, and tone, yet they also have some strange similarity in these areas. I. The conflicts in the two short stories are different in almost every way, yet they both lead to the death of a character in the end. A. A person is not really sure what the conflict in “The Lottery” is until the end. B. In “The Rocking-Horse Winner” the conflict is almost immediately clear. II. The structures of how the two short stories are written is very different, yet the way the endings are structured is the same. A. “The Lottery” has a lot of mystery around what is going on in the story, and a person still does not have all of the answers by the end of the story. B. “The Rocking-Horse Winner” also has some mystery around what is going on, but it becomes very clear by the end of the story. III. Like the conflict and structures of the two short stories the tones of the two short stories start out different, but end in very similar ways. A. The tone of “The Lottery” starts out in a sort of happy way, but ends in a very dark way. B. The tone of “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is depressing at first, but it gets happier