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How To Get Express Train Assignment Bf4

The FN F2000 (French: Fusil 2000; English: Rifle 2000) is a bullpup assault rifle made by the Belgian firearms company FN Herstal.

Designed in the late 1990s, the F2000 is a compact assault rifle that fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round, allowing the F2000 to be deadly at medium range yet compact and easy to carry, due to its bullpup configuration.

FN's GL1 grenade launcher can be attached to the weapon's handguard. The F2000 has a high rate of fire compared to other assault rifles (850 rounds per minute) and can use STANAG magazines from most NATO assault rifles.

Battlefield 2Edit




Inventory slot

Main weapon

Unlocked at

Tier 2 unlock
Default British SAS

Unlock cost

1 unlock point



Maximum ammunition

4 + 1 magazines

Special feature

GL1 grenade launcher
Telescopic sight


3.0 head
1.0x torso
0.66x armored torso
0.7 limbs


0.4-0.6 (hip)
0.8 (zoomed)



0.43 (Min)
0.559 (Stand)
0.516 (Crouch)


Increase per bullet

Decrease per second


"The F2000 is a fully modular, completely ambidextrous assault rifle. Its modules can be changed without the aid of tools making it very versatile."

— In-game description

The F2000 is an Assault Rifle featured in Battlefield 2. Its rate of fire, damage, and spread are average for the assault rifles. Like most of the other assault rifles, it comes equipped with a grenade launcher -- the underslung GL1. However, alongside the L85A1, the F2000 is unique in its addition of an optic instead of iron sights.


3-D RendersEdit

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit


Starting ammunition

200 rounds


Mid-long (best used in short-mid)

"Highly customizable Belgian assault rifle, with a wide number of modification options such as different scopes, grenade launcher attachments, computerized firing systems, etc. The weapon has an ambidextrous fire selector, ejection port and handle."

— In-Game Description

The F2000 is an assault rifle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company. For the Assault kit. The weapon is unlocked through the "Find All Five" program for Battlefield Veterans. The weapon no longer is able to be unlocked due to an error in the Veteran ranking system.

The F2000 has an extremely high rate of fire, making up for its low of damage and moderate accuracy.


F2000 with its unique sight during reload.  

The F2000 is a unique looking bullpup rifle in battlefield 4 that must be unlocked via a special assignment.

Unlock the F2000 by completing the Express Train Assignment

1)Have Second Assault DLC

2)Get two kill assists in a round

3)Get ten kills inside the metro in a round

That’s pretty self explanatory, but just to clarify the 10 kills have to happen inside subway portion of Operation Metro.  It is pretty easy to get ten kills on a 64 player metro conquest match when the game becomes bottlenecked at the escalators.

Once you meet the requirements you’ll get the gun.  One of the unique things about the F2000 is that it comes with its own integrated optic that is unique the weapon.  While the sight has an interesting shape and reticle its housing takes up quite a lot of space.  It is easy to lose the sight of your enemies in it, leaving you vulnerable to counter attack.  That said is a lot better than most iron sights in the game, so it gives you a better start as you unlock your more preferred sights.  

F2000 Sight Reticle

A Few F2000 Stats

A few of the more important stats of the F2000 are that it fires at 850 rounds per minute, and since it shares the same damage model as nearly all the assault rifles it has a very high damage per second.  

The recoil of the F2000 is more than average for the other rifles in its class, probably to balance its high rate of fire.  The reload time is a bit long with 2.7 short and 3.4 long.  For full and current stats check

The F2000 is an interesting weapon that can be very good, but does not necessarily outshine guns unlocked by the natural progression of using assault rifles in game.  It might be nice to run with the F2000 instead of the AEK, just to be different, since most everyone who wants to spit out a lot of lead quickly, uses the AEK.