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Umuc Haircuts Case Study 4 Adela

I. IntroducTon Myra Morningstar is the owner of UMUC Haircuts that is experiencing challenges with compeTTon and scheduling. Myra has another salons scheduled to open in her market and is looking to implement strategies to draw more business to UMUC Haircuts as well as eFecTvely handle the operaTonal task of scheduling customer appointments and hairstylists. Myra has chosen the Generic Strategy for CompeTTve Advantage as Cost Leadership. According to Michael Porter, the cost leadership strategy entails winning market share by appealing to the price sensiTve customer by having the lowest price in the market place. (2003) ±he Business Process UMUC Haircuts will improve is Employee and Customer Scheduling. II. Proposed I± SoluTon ±he proposed I± soluTon to best suit UMUC Haircut’s needs is purchasing Salon Iris So²ware. Salon Iris so²ware will be very easy for Myra and her staF at UMUC Haircuts to use because it

ISFM-300 3 UMUC’s competitors by considering the requirements of all the effective and efficient technological solution in business process. Proposed IT-based solution will exhibit the prominent role in this business transformation process which could result as; Myra and team can better utilize the implemented system in order to get the maximum competitive benefits, ISFM-300. Proposed IT Solution For implementing the business solution in UMUC, Myra should look into the Salesforce enterprise solution i.e. SaaS (Software as a Service). This solution would be an effective one for UMUC because its enterprise version provides operative solution for customized services which can help UMUC in its CRM solution implementation. Additionally, it will meet non-functional requirements which include; high adoption, less costing, easy upgrades, and seamless integration, Jeffrey W. Alstete, John P. Meyer (2012).