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Let us help you with your finance homework answers!

At the undergraduate level, we help students in introduction to finance, finance for managers, and business finance. For introduction of finance, common topics include financial markets, time value of money, and financial statements.  Financial markets examine the impact of Federal Reserve has on various financial markets.  Further, our sessions discuss the secondary market, primary market, and the impact monetary tools have on the overall economy.  Time value of money concepts usually include future value, present value calculations, determining an interest rate for cash flow, and the length of time needed to repay a loan.  The final concept usually covered in this class is financial statements.  Financial statements include the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.

Finance for managers courses usually entail in-depth discussions regarding cash budgets, cash flows, and cost controls.  Cash budgets are important for businesses because these models help managers understand when cash flows will be received.  From this, managers will be able to identify which cost may be paid from these cash flows and what time the payments may be made.  Finally, cost controls are important part of the class.  Cost controls usually include fixed costs such as buildings, labor and utilities.  Further, cost controls include variable costs such as raw material, contract labor, and miscellaneous supplies.

Business finance students often face challenges with forecasting, competition, and term structure of interest rates. Forecasting is when students need to predict future revenues and cost for the company.  Competition analysis often use the swot analysis to determine the level of competition in the marketplace.  On a final note, term structure of interest rates are covered in the class.  Term structure of interest rates usually have three basic forms, which are inverted, flat, and convex.  We help students better understand how each structure is determined.

In the graduate level, we help students seeking MBAs, Masters in healthcare, and masters in administration.  MBA students usually need to take corporate finance and advanced corporate finance for their degrees.  Common topics for corporate finance include bond valuation, stock valuation, and capital budgeting.  Bond valuation and stock valuations are important to understand because companies are funded through either debt or equity.  Through understanding the impact of stock and bond valuations, managers will be able to better determine which capital budgeting projects will be successful.  The final concepts usually examined by graduate-level students are capital budgeting concepts.  Capital budgeting concepts include IRR, net present value (NPV), and payback periods.  By understanding the various models, students will be able to determine which capital budgeting model should be used for various assignments.

Master in healthcare administration students often face challenges with project evaluations, timing of cash flows, and business structures.  Projects evaluations are critical for students seeking this degree because of the changing marketplace for healthcare professionals.  Understanding project evaluations will allow healthcare administrators to better understand which projects will return the largest profits in the shortest amount of time due to the volatility in the marketplace.  Timing of cash flows is critical for understanding due to third-party payers.  Third-party payers include Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurers.  To conclude, healthcare firms often have different business structures as compared to other industries.  Common business structures for health care administration include partnerships, corporations, limited liability corporations, and so proprietors.

Masters in administration students usually are seeking a broad degree.  From this, a broad understanding of finance as a whole is needed.  Students usually start with taking accounting and finance classes together.  Accounting concepts covered include budgeting, credits and debits, and reconciling financial statements.  Further, students must understand the interrelations between accounting and finance.  Concepts covered in both classes usually include the time value of money, financial statements, and financial ratios.  Through understanding the inter-workings between the two courses, students will have an in-depth understanding for both classes.  Finally, students mastering in administration must understand risk and return.  The basic premise of this concept is that as returns increase, risk usually increases as well.