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Paulet High School Twitter Assignment

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Welcome to our school

I am very proud to be the Headteacher here at Paulet High School. We are a safe, ordered and inclusive community as noted by Ofsted (October 2016) ‘This is a truly inclusive school.  Governors, senior leaders, staff and students share a common belief that there is a place for everyone at Paulet and aspirations are equally high for every student.’  The high standards we achieve in behaviour and uniform show that our students are proud to call Paulet their school.  ‘Students value the good relationships they have with their teachers and behave well in lessons and around the school.’ Ofsted (October 2016)

Our Sixth Form College is going from strength to strength with many of our Year 11 students opting to stay on and many joining us from across South Derbyshire to form a vibrant group of hard working and committed students.

If you would like to find out more about our school please feel free to visit us at any time during the working day. You will see for yourself what the school has to offer and how happy and hardworking our students are.

Ian McArthur - Headteacher

‘This is a truly inclusive school. Governors, senior leaders, staff and pupils share a common belief that there is a place for everyone at Paulet and aspirations are equally high for every pupil.’

‘Teachers deliver engaging and interesting lessons and pupils make good progress across a wide range of subjects.’

‘Keeping pupils safe is a priority for everyone in the school. ’

Ofsted 2016