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Free Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Template

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Sample a.k.a. Application Letter

What is the first thing you notice about this elementary teacher cover letter sample? Is it the color that is tastefully incorporated within the header and contact information? Now you might ask who cares about color in an elementary application letter.

I'll tell you who cares! The hiring administrator who has become bored with looking at stock cover letters cares. It is important that your application letter grabs the reader's attention and formatting and style is a great way to do this.

This elementary teacher application letter / cover letter will jump out at the reader immediately and should entice them to focus their attention to read on.

Though the color used within this example cover letter may have gained the reader's attention initially, it is the content that will ultimately sell the aspiring elementary educator to the school.

Donna-Marie's education, years of classroom experience, teaching skills, and greatest strengths are laid out in an easy to read manner, prompting the school administrator to view her matching elementary resume.

She has used her cover letter as an opportunity to discuss more in depth the areas of her teaching style that she couldn't in her resume. This is where you can really introduce yourself and your teaching personality to the potential school.

Find out how you can effectively target your cover letter to a school's needs.

You will also notice that she has addressed the letter to a specific person – the superintendent. Always strive to address your cover letter to a named individual. Using "To whom it may concern" is very vague and makes the reader think you've just sent out your resume and cover letter blindly to a whole bunch of different schools without caring to properly target your documents to the specific position. So, you can make a great first impression by addressing your cover letter to the hiring manager by name.

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Check out the matching Elementary teacher resume. We ensured consistency in fonts, format, style and visual appeal.

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Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

Elementary Teachers instruct students aged 4 to 11 on a variety of subjects, such as reading, communication, mathematics, science, art, and social studies. Specific job duties of an Elementary Teacher include preparing lesson plans, organizing demonstrations, developing instructional resources, assigning homework, grading papers, completing administrative duties, assisting individual students, and maintaining props. Instructors working in this area also encourage students to collaborate with other children.

Based on our collection of sample cover letters for Elementary Teachers, the most appreciated skills for this role include:

  • Supervisory skills and classroom control
  • The ability to motivate students
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Stamina and self-motivation
  • English proficiency
  • Attention to details and accuracy
  • Computer competences
  • Organizational skills and planning

Comparable Elementary Teachers qualifications can be seen in the cover letter sample provided below.

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Dear Mr. Sands:

As a skilled and enthusiastic teacher with experience developing lesson plans and curriculum for diverse elementary students, it is my pleasure to submit the enclosed resume for your review with regards to your opening for a Second Grade Teacher at Red Leaf Elementary School. My background and passion for education positions me to significantly impact your school in this role.

My experience includes teaching first-, second-, and third-grade students across a range of subjects and capacities, leveraging strong communication, creativity, and motivational skills to accelerate student learning. My inherent passion for fostering collaborative and exciting educational environments has successfully encouraged and developed thoughtful and engaged young students while simultaneously equipping them with the necessary learning tools and techniques to advance into the increasingly learning-intensive school years.

Highlights of my qualifications include:

  • Holding current Vermont State Teacher Certification, as well as an MS in Childhood Education with honors.
  • Creating individualized plans and programs to facilitate a targeted, personalized approach to education while stimulating students’ enjoyment and appreciation for learning.
  • Building and sustaining strong student relationships, encouraging student queries, comments, and concerns and laying the foundation for a dynamic and exciting classroom environment.
  • Excelling in training and instructing individuals in a variety of topics throughout previous professional roles.

With my experience and credentials, I am well prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of learning at Red Leaf Elementary and exceed your expectations for this position. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Michael C. Bradford