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Branch And Bound Assignment Problem Pdf To Excel





Joel Sobel

Econ 311

12:30-1:50 Wednesday

Ying Jenny Feng  

SH 208

8:00-9:20 AM Tuesday

Seung-Keun Martinez

SH 236

3:30-4:50 Monday


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Exercise 4

Exercise 3  (answers included) I'll say more about Question 2 on Thursday.

Exercise 2

Exercise 1


Course Outline


Links to contents (below):



Fall 2014 Exams and Quizzes

Fall 2012 Exams and Quizzes

Fall 2010 Exams and Quizzes

Fall 2008 Exams and Quizzes

Fall 2008 Homework and Solutions

Fall 2007 Exams and Quizzes

Fall 2007 Homework and Solutions

Fall 2004 Exams and Quizzes

Fall 2004 Homework and Solutions



These are pdfs from Fall 2012.  I will avoid slides (for the most part) this year, but these slides may be useful).

Introduction and Problem Formulation

Problem Formulation and Graphing

Graphing and Duality

Duality and Complementary Slackness

Complementary Slackness Examples

More Complementary Slackness Examples and the Linear Production Problem

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis Example

Sensitivity Analysis Example, continued

Integer Programming

Branch and Bound

Shortest Route Problem

More Shortest Route and Minimum Spanning Tree

Max Flow/Min Cut 

Max Flow/Min Cut 

Assignment Problem 

Assignment Problem Continued 

Stable Marriage Problem



  I.         Introduction and Problem Formulation (pdf)

 II.        Graphical Solutions (pdf)

 III.       A Simplex Algorithm Example (pdf) (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)

 IV.       Using Excel to Solve Linear Programming Problems (pdf)

Sample Spreadsheets:

Template(pdf); Solution(pdf); Sensitivity(pdf); Template in Excel Format (xls)   

                         V.                     ProblemTransformations (pdf)  (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)

                        VI.                    Duality and Complementary Slackness (pdf)

                        VII.                   Sensitivity Analysis (pdf)          Examples (xls)

                         VIII.    The Transportation Problem (pdf)         Examples (xls)

                        IX.        Two-Person Zero-Sum Game Theory (pdf) (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)

                        X.         Integer Programming (pdf)

                        NEW: Notes on Stable Marriage Problem (pdf)

                        NEW:  Stable Marriage Problems  andSolutions



Fall 2014 Quizzes, Exams, and Solution

Quiz 1 (with Answers)

Quiz 2 (with Answers)

Quiz 3 (with Answers)

Quiz 3 (Data)

Midterm (with Answers)

Quiz 4 (with Answers)



Fall 2012 Quizzes, Exams, and Solution

Quiz 1  Answers (corrected October 18, 2012)

Quiz 2Answers

Quiz 3Answers

Quiz 4Answers

Midterm Excel InformationMidterm AnswersRegrading Information

Final Examination:

Form 1                        Answers


Fall 2010 Quizzes, Exams, and Solutions

Quiz 1     Answers

Quiz 2     Answers

Quiz 3     Answers

Quiz 4     Answers

Midterm   Midterm Answers Excel Information

            Final Exam    Final Answers


Fall 2008 Exams and Solutions

Midterm 1                          Midterm 1 Answers

Midterm 2                         Midterm 2 Answers      Midterm 2 Excel Information

Final Exam                      Answers


Fall 2008 Homework and Solutions

Problem Set 1

Problem Set  1 Answers

Problem Set  1 Excel

Problem Set 2

Problem Set  2 Answers

Problem Set  2 Excel

Problem Set 3

Problem Set  3 Answers



Fall 2007 Exams and Solutions

Midterm                         Midterm Answers    Midterm Excel Information

            Final Exam                      Answers


      Fall 2007 Homework and Solutions


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