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Only Child Personal Essay Ideas

6 Interesting Writing Ideas For An Opinion Essay On Being An Only Child

You have been asked to write an opinion essay on being an only child and because you are not an only child, you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas on what you should write about. Anyways, you don’t necessarily have to be an only child before you can write this academic paper. This is the reason why you should always be grateful to the inventors of the internet since it would surely make this task easier than you think. You can easily go online and read other people’s opinion about being an only child or what they think about families with an only child. Through these opinions, you would get clearer ideas on what to write about in your paper.

Here in this article are six brilliant and interesting writing ideas that would make your academic paper an excellent read. They are as follows:

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child. Especially considering that people’s opinions and preferences differ on various issues. You can talk about the chances of enjoying undivided attention from the parents, the material gains and more. You can also discuss the loneliness that comes with being an only child.

  • Do only children grow up to be selfish? This is a notion that needs to be addressed because most people believe that one being an only child and getting all the attention would make him or her to be selfish growing up. Go ahead and air your opinion on this notion.

  • Do only children grow up to be misfits? The fact that they grew up without older or younger siblings means that they might not be able to mingle or fit in easily with other people. Is this assumption write or wrong? What is the rationale behind your viewpoint on this issue?

  • Are there differences between only children and those that have siblings? If there are any differences then write them down but make your views strong with supporting evidence or facts.

  • Would playgroups fill the void of not having siblings? Some people that this works in keeping loneliness at bay but what happens after play time and everyone goes home? Let your opinion be known.

  • Can only children be happy? Some people tend to think that only children are hardly happy. Do you have any opinions on how an only child can make most of the situation and remain happy?

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A lot of people think that being an only child is the best possible situation one could ever be in. But I feel that people with that kind of a belief are a bit one-sided in their way of thinking. I mean, yes, being an only child does have its nice points but it also has its bad ones. In this world, everything is about balance and this is no exception.

Being an only child means that you'll have no problem whatsoever regarding attention. One call and your parents will be at your side. They'll always be there to guide and teach you. There won't come a time when you come home crying and nobody will be there to comfort you because your younger sister needs help with her homework. Nor will a time come that you can't express yourself at home anymore because you need to stay happy for them since they're handling so many other problems from your siblings. There won't come a time when you really need to talk with your mom but you can't because she's still busy taking care of the baby and your five-year-old brother who tripped and got himself hurt. You'll have more freedom. They won't care much as to what you do, so long as you don't get hurt. You'll always be the center of attention. You'll always have what you want. Never will a time come that you won't have the best or the most expensive item there is. Because you're the only one being supported. You're the only one they have to take care of. You're the only one they have to love and waste twenty or thirty years of their life on.

But let's look at the yang. You won't have any siblings. No one to talk to. No one to laugh with. No one to make your childhood a lot more memorable. There won't be anyone to teach you your homework when you can't solve it. No one to scold you and yell at you just so you can learn. No one to sacrifice their time and energy just so they can see you smile. No one who will try and understand you and what you're going through. No one to share and keep secrets from. No more mystery. No more fights. No more laughs. No more life. All your childhood is going to be spent sitting alone at home in front of the t.v. wishing that the house wasn't so quiet and hollow. You're going to spend fifteen years of your life trying to fill that empty void that's always present in your home and heart. Fifteen years of silent eating at the dinner table. Fifteen years of writing in journals and diaries trying to find someone to talk to. Fifteen years wondering how it would've been if you had a sibling who could have filled that barren emptiness.

And after all that, I'm glad I have two older siblings. I'm glad I was fortunate enough to have been granted two supportive people who served as both inspirations and adversaries in more ways than one. I'm glad I'm not an only child.

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