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Latest Research Papers On Web Mining

  • 1.

    Berners-Lee, T., Cailliau, R., Loutonen, A., Nielsen, H., Secret, A.: The World- Wide Web. Communications of the ACM 37(8), 76–82 (1994)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

  • 2.

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  • 3.

    Androutsopoulos, I., Paliouras, G., Michelakis, E.: Learning to filter unsolicited commercial e-mail. Technical Report NCSR Demokritos (March 2004)Google Scholar

  • 4.

    Berendt, B.: Using site semantics to analyze, visualize, and support navigation. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 37–59 (2002)Google Scholar

  • 5.

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  • 6.

    Srivastava, J., Mobasher, B.: Panel discussion on Web Mining: Hype or Reality? In: The 9th IEEE International Conference on Tools With Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 1997), Newport Beach, CA (1997)Google Scholar

  • 7.

    Cooley, R., Mobasher, B., Srivastava, J.: Web Mining: Information and Pattern Discovery on the World Wide Web. In: Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Tools With Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 1997), Newport Beach, CA (1997)Google Scholar

  • 8.

    Kosala, R., Blockeel, H.: Web Mining Research: A Survey. SIGKDD Explorations 2(1) (July 2000)Google Scholar

  • 9.

    Desikan, P., Srivastava, J., Kumar, V., Tan, P.-N.: Hyperlink Analysis – Techniques & Applications. Army High Performance Computing Center Technical Report (2002)Google Scholar

  • 10.

    Moh, C.-H., Lim, E.-P., KeongNg, W.: DTDMiner: A Tool for Mining DTD from XML Documents. In: WECWIS 2000, pp. 144–151 (2000)Google Scholar

  • 11.

    Srivastava, J., Cooley, R., Deshpande, M., Tan, P.-N.: Web Usage Mining: Discovery and Applications of usage patterns from Web Data. SIGKDD Explorations, 1(2) (2000)Google Scholar

  • 12.

    Page, L., Brin, S., Motwaniand, R., Winograd, T.: The Page Rank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web. Stanford Digital Library Technologes, 1999-0120 (January 1998)Google Scholar

  • 13.

    Brin, S., Page, L.: The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine. In: The 7th International World Wide Web Conference, Brisbane, Australia (1998)Google Scholar

  • 14.

    Kohavi, R.: Mining E-Commerce Data: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Invited Industrial Presentation At The ACM SIGKDD Conference, San Francisco, CA (2001)Google Scholar

  • 15.

    Tan, P.-N., Kumar, V.: Discovery of Web Robot Sessions based on their Navigational Patterns. DMKD 6(1), 9–35 (2002)MathSciNetGoogle Scholar

  • 16.

    Masand, B., Spiliopoulou, M., Srivastava, J., Zaiane, O. (eds.): Proceedings of “WebKDD 2002 – Web Mining for Usage Patterns and User Profiles, Edmonton, CA (2002)Google Scholar

  • 17.

    Ford Jrand, L.R., Fulkerson, D.R.: Maximal Flow through a network. Canadian J. Math. 8, 399–404 (1956)MathSciNetCrossRefMATHGoogle Scholar

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