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Packing A Punch Assignment Of Contract

[This is a guest post from my friend professor Tina L. Stark about the recent Virginia supreme court case, MCR Federal, LLC v. JB&A, Inc., No. 161799 (Va. Dec. 14, 2017); I’ve made a couple of comments at the end.]

The Virginia Supreme Court recently issued a decision that is bad on the law and demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the business deal and also the role of specific contract concepts and provisions in acquisitions. The Court held that a false statement in a bring-down certificate in an acquisition was not fraud but only a contractual breach. Wrong. In a bring-down certificate, a party remakes the representations and warranties that it made on signing (reps speak only as of a moment in time) so that the other party knows that what was true at signing is also true at the closing (a different moment in time.)

Some courts get hung up on the idea that representations in a contract can’t be fraudulent inducement. They reason that the representations do not precede the contract; so there’s no inducement. If that were correct, the duty of honesty in business transactions would only apply to pre-contract oral statements. That makes no sense.

Imagine that a party has the final agreement before it and sees the representa­tions. Were they not there, the party would not sign. The party has bargained for the reps – the right to have comfort that its counterparty is honest. The existence of the representations in the contract is the inducement to sign.

The making of the representations is simultaneous with the contract’s signing. The act of signing causes the representations to be made.

Here are the facts in the case. The acquisition agreement included a condition that a party must have delivered a bring-down certificate before the other party had an obligation to close. It was a condition, not a covenant. The mere fact that it was in a contract didn’t change its character from a condition to a covenant. The party had no obligation to deliver the certificate. The court didn’t get that.

A closing certificate is intended to give a party the same rights at closing that it would have had with respect to the reps and warranties made at signing. The bring- down certificate remakes the reps but as of a different moment in time: the closing. The way it is supposed to work is that if a party is unable to [provide] a closing certificate because the representations are no longer true, that party cannot satisfy one of the conditions to close and the closing should not happen. Here’s where the duty of honesty pops up. A party has to ‘fess up that it cannot satisfy the condition. If it delivers the closing certificate knowing that it is false, that is fraud.

The court reasoned that the duty of honesty did not apply because a contract provision (the condition) addressed the issue of the bring-down certificate. So wrong. Not only did they misunderstand how conditions work, but also, they misapplied the economic loss doctrine.

In my view, the economic loss doctrine does not apply to representations and warranties. Although warranties are covenants, they are not the types of contractual duties to which the economic loss doctrine was originally intended to apply. Warranties when joined with representations are promises that the statements in the representations are true. That’s it. They have no other purpose. Parties don’t argue that the other party negligently performed its warranty duty. Therefore, no economic loss doctrine application.

Instead, I believe, the economic loss doctrine (when properly applied) applies to covenants that must be performed during a contract term. For example, if a contractor promises to perform a task in a workmanlike manner, that is contractual covenant. The economic loss doctrine would prevent a party from claiming that the contractor committed fraud by failing to properly perform. That doctrine makes sense. Were it not the case, then we would lose the separation of tort and contract and we would be back in the middle ages. At that time, courts did not recognize executory promises as enforceable. The ever clever medieval Lawyers crafted a work around. They resort to the tort writs of trespass sur le cas and deceit and claimed that a promise had been negligently performed. Eventually, the writs turned into assumpsit and with the advent of consideration, courts enforced promises in exchange for promises. (I know that the history is very summary, but the longer version is long.)


DCT comment:  While I’m still digesting this new case, I agree with Tina that the Vir­gin­ia supreme court’s decision does not match up well with settled busi­ness ex­pect­a­tions about the effect of a bringdown certificate.  (I‘m not yet ready, though, to en­dorse Tina’s position that the economic-loss doctrine should not apply to rep­re­sen­ta­tions and warranties; I need to think about that some more.) As always, Tina’s com­ments are in­sight­ful and thought-provoking.

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  • One buy challenge: you can only buy one thing per round except teleporters and traps which means that if you buy one door, you cannot buy a perk or pack-a-punch until the next round, you may make the buys cumulative if you want this challenge to be easier. -/u/Burn_Hassan

  • One By One: Only one player is allowed to leave the starting room at a time, if someone downs outside no one is allowed to go out revive him. -/u/Triplicata

  • Hardcore Box Challenge: Must be started between rounds 3 and 5. You can only buy one weapon from the box per round and you must use that gun to kill the zombies, but you cannot leave the mystery box zone (Doors will mark off the boundaries of the zone ), you can only buy things if they are in the zone in which the box is in, (So you will only be able to buy Juggernog if the box is the same zone as Juggernog) this will also apply to traps, parts, crafting tables, buildables and any other perk. If a fire-sale is active you will be able to buy anything you want around the map but you can only buy one thing, you must return to the box zone after the fire-sale has ended. Once after 5 rounds the challenge has started you will be able to switch your weapon if you don't like it (If you started the challenge in round 3, during round 8 if you want to, you will be able to switch one weapon).If you run out of ammo you will be able to purchase another weapon from the box or from the wall. If the box leaves the zone you must survive the entire round in the zone in which you currently are and leave one zombie to search the box in order to continue the challenge. Credit to JuggerWicho for this Challenge. -/u/Genius_Cena

  • 3-2-1 Challenge: You can only get 3 perks, 2 Box spins and 1 Pack-a-Punch. -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • I'm too weak: No juggernog. nuff said. -/u/zombieboss115

  • Zombie Wars: Gather a large train/herd of zombies and intentionally try to get the other members in the game downed by crossing your train in-front of their path. Wait until round 15 (can vary depending on map) to start the game in order to obtain gear and perks. Temporary truces can be formed. Last man surviving wins. The winner can decide to kill himself in all his glory or to start next round and allow for his opponents to get a chance at redemption. this decision is commonly referred to "Double or nothing". -/u/LikelyCelek

  • Starting Room Challenge: You can't open any doors. -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • Illuminati Challenge: Similar to the 3-2-1 Challenge but you must roll a 6 sided die 3 times to get your 3 numbers. If you have more Pack-a-Punches than guns then you switch those numbers. -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • Bad Gun Challenge: You can only use guns that are usually called bad in their Non-Pack-a-Punched form. -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • Speed Challenge: The only perks you are allowed to get are Speed Cola, Stamin-up, and Quick Revive. You are also only allowed to use pistols and SMGs, and pistol wonder weapons (Ray Gun Mark I and II, Winter's Howl, Zap Gun). No buildables except for story-related ones (Icarus). Equipment is allowed. If you get the ballistic knife however, you have to keep it for the rest of the game. -/u/2Gud2beHuman

  • Box Roulette Challenge: The challenge starts on or before round 7. From round 7 onwards, you have to use a new mystery box weapon every round for the rest of the game. Pack-a-punch and equipment is allowed. Traps are only allowed if you run out of ammo. You aren't allowed to buy wall weapons after round 7. Monkey bombs don't count as a box weapon hit. -/u/2Gud2beHuman

  • Shotguns are fun!: The only weapons you may use are shotguns (starting pistol is okay, until it's out of ammo) and you can only accept shotguns from the box. -/u/Hander66

  • Powerless Lifetime: You can never turn the power on, (or use the turbines) and if someone does turn the power on, you can't go into areas or use items that become available due to the power. (Ex: Der Reise power is turned on, you can't go into the power room from the lower area, and you can't leave the power area once you are in it.) -/u/Hander66

  • Chop!: You can only use the Knife like weapons: Starting Knife, Spoon, Golden spork, Hells retriever/redeemer, Galvaknuckles, Bowie Knife, Sickle, Ballistic Knife, Apothicon Sword, and the Plunger. (If I forgot a knife like weapon you can add it on.) -/u/Hander66

  • I Don't Drink: You can't have any perks or anything that involves you drinking it. -/u/Hander66

  • Double Everything!: You can only use things that do things in two (having DT 2.0 on normal guns doesn't not count), so you can only have Quick Revive 2.0, Double Tap 2.0, Juggernaut, Speed Cola (1 and 2.0), Double Barrel/Olympia, Getting the advanced Mule Kick via Richtofen's "Mined Games," Dual Pistols (PaP'ing the normal ones to get duels is ok, but you can't use the normal ones,) and anything that burst fires two bullets at once. -/u/Hander66

  • One Hand Challenge: Xbox and PlayStation players: set your stick layout to legacy southpaw Pc players: bind walk forward to a mouse button, then play with only your right hand. -/u/Soro_Hanosh

  • Carpenter Life: At the end of every round, you must repair EVERY barricade you can reach. Carpenters Power up doesn't replace this, so you must do this anyway. If Carpenters is activated at the end of the round, you must hit the box and trade out any weapon for what the box has on the next round. (If there is NO WAY (Buried) to access the barricade, then you can ignore only those you can't reach without dying.) -/u/Hander66

  • Bullet Rambo: You can only use guns that shoot bullets. No knives/Explosives, and no PaP. Any perks that allows the player with another way to kill zombies is not allowed. -/u/Hander66

  • BOOM! Headshot!: You can only kill zombies by shooting them in the head, for every zombie not killed this way, hit the box and don't take what it gives. (For BO2, just hit the Headshots only button.) -/u/Hander66

  • SMR Only: You can only use the SMR throughout the game, exception being the starting pistol. -/u/Meeker3

  • Only Trade Empty Guns: You can only switch a gun/equipment if it is completely out of ammo. Shooting/using ammo into the air/not at an enemy is not allowed. If you hit the box, you MUST take the FIRST gun/equipment it gives you (but only if you have that empty slot e.g. you are not allowed to hit the box to replace your grenades and get a ray gun to replace your full pistol). Buying a wall gun is allowed, but you may not buy additional ammo for that gun, you must get a gun with an alternative method. You may get Max Ammos if you wish, you can also keep an empty gun with you for as long as you like. Optional rule: Players can empty their final clip into the air in order to get a new gun. -/u/OGMikeFromCompton

  • 9-3-5 Round Challenge: Every Three rounds (1-3-9-12-15-etc.) You can buy a weapon (This includes Box & Wall Weapons). Every Five rounds (1-5-10-15-20etc.) you can buy a perk. Every Nine rounds (9-18-27-etc.) You may Pack-a-Punch. (An optional choice for added difficulty, you can only open one door per-round) -/u/blaruesfox

  • Gun Game challenge Every round you must use use a new gun round 1 knife only round 2 pistol only, once you get through all the wall weapons then you can hit start hitting the box PaP is allowed and so are perks -/u/ItsIjlalTheNoob

  • Pure Wall Guns Only: You can only use guns that are ONLY available on the walls and not in the box, For example the M8A7, The RK5, The KRM. But not The HVK or the VMP or Shieva -/u/uaexemarat

  • Old School: You're not allowed to buy any perks/gobblegums and you're not allowed to PaP your gun. Buildables & Wonder Weapons are not allowed either. Just you, wall weapons, and the mystery box -/u/Jokers485

  • 2 For 1: You can only open a door when you have bought a wall weapon in the map. (E.G You can only get out of the spawn room by buying the M14, or you can only get to the wardens office in MOTD by getting an MP5K) The M1911 cannot be used at any point, and neither can the grenades until you buy them off the wall. The weapons act like tokens, where you can open ONE door if you have a new gun, but after that you cannot open another one until you get another gun. Buying ammo for the weapon does not count as a token. Once all the doors in the map are open, you can PaP a Wall Weapon that you have already bought. Any free weapons (I.E Wrath Of The Ancients) are not allowed. The Mystery box is not allowed, but perks can be bought at any time (With the exception of Mule Kick, Double Tap, and Deadshot Daiquiri). After all doors are open, as well as Pack-A-Punching a gun, you can start to get buildables. -/u/ThatOneVultra

  • Whats the Score? Must keep the scoreboard displayed the entire game. -/u/Fyrebend

  • Incan Warrior: The Incans were one of the richest empires in history, however they didn't have the concept of money. In this challenge, you are not allowed to spend your points on anything at all, meaning any weapons, equipment, perks and other items you want to use must be acquired without spending your points. This can be done on any map but is recommended to be done on maps that you're able to get at least weapons on for free, even if you can't acquire perks. It is recommended to do this challenge in co-op but it can be done in solo. You MAY open doors in solo, but that's all you can spend your points on. You may also buy doors in co-op if your team mates really need you to. You MAY acquire perks through a teammate's use of On The House gobblegum. -/u/GeniusMike

    • Juggernaut: (I know this is already a challenge, but I'm changing it. Don't get your panties in a knot.) For perks, you can only have Juggernog, you can only use Light Machine Guns, you can't use tacticals or lethals, and you can only hipfire. -/u/Wolferrs
  • Gettin' Jumpy: Whenever you aimdownsights, you must jump and shoot. Rather, you can only shoot in mid jump when you aimdownsights. Hipfire is normal. (Optionally, to lower difficulty, you don't have to do this with a sniper rifle, but you cannot steady/breathe on your shots.) -/u/YuriIsLove

  • One Hit, One Kill Challenge: You must use weapons that can one hit, one kill zombies. Explosive weapons not allowed, exception of Ray Gun and Ray Gun Mark II. Double Tap not allowed. Use of Bank/Weapon Locker is not permitted. Any weapon can be used during an Insta-Kill. Pack-a-Punch allowed, as well as equipment. -/u/Potterz

  • Lsat and Ray Gun Challenge: You can only stay on the starting area and not go down the hill, weapons available include: Ray gun, Lsat, Olympia, M14. -/u/UAPassing

  • No Door Challenge: You can't buy any doors (you can use Leeroy) -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • Explosives Only Challenge: The only weapons you may use are explosive weapons. You are allowed the use the bank but ONLY to Pack-a-Punch your starter pistol into the Mustang and Sally. Knives and equipment are allowed. -/u/Reacter7

  • Maze Only Challenge: After round 5 you have to stay in the maze with the weapons you have and are not allowed to leave, you are allowed to use the Pack-a-Punch. -/u/UAPassing

  • The Cursed Perks: You can only get Perks by killing the Witches. -/u/Hander66

  • Town Folk: You can only stay stay in the main area (The Jail, General Store, Saloon, Church, Bank, Weapon smith, & Candy Shop) You can not enter the witches house, (So no PaP, Double-Tap or Stamin-Up) And you can't lock the box or bring it back with Leroy. For added difficulty, do not use Leroy, eliminating Vulture Aid and the final wall chalk placement. -/u/BlaruesFox

  • Sheriff's Pride: Leeroy has been sentenced to a life behind bars, and as the new sheriff in town, it's your job to make sure he does his time. In this challenge, you aren't allowed to let Leeroy out of his cage at all during the entire game. This means perks that are trapped behind debris only he can clear such as Juggernog and Vulture's Aid can only be obtained from the banshees (witches) and the final chalk spot will be inaccessible. -/u/GeniusMike

  • No Panzer Challenge: You can't open no man's land limiting you to only the box, quick revive and speed cola. -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • No Purchase Challenge: No buying guns or perks, only doors and tank. -/u/InfectedP0tato

  • Rainbow Perk Challenge: Must only purchase perks in the order of the rainbow. (Full order: Juggernog, Double-tap, Stamin-up, Speed Cola, Mule Kick, Quick Revive, Electric Cherry, PHD Flopper.) Credit to TheSmithPlays for this Challenge. -/u/Reacter7

  • Reverse Rainbow Perk Challenge: You can only purchase perks in the reverse order of the rainbow. (PHD, Electric Cherry, Quick Revive, Mule Kick, Speed Cola, Stamin-up, Double Tap Rootbeer, Juggernog). Credit to MrTLexify for this Challenge. -/u/2Gud2beHuman

  • Gambling IS BAD!: You can't use the Wunderfizz, Mystery Box, Dig spots or any other activatable item that can't give you the same item every time. -/u/Hander66

  • Luck of the Draw: You can only utilize items that give you things by random. This limits you the the box, Wunderfizz, and digs. Tank and pack allowed, but as far as awards go, you may only take the packed weapon awarded for 114+ headshots. -/u/Ge_ne_rate_81

  • 115 Challenge: 1 mystery box, 1 Pack-a-Punch, 5 perks. -/u/Reacter7

  • Bass Ackwards: No Box Weapons, No Staffs, No Perk Machines except 'Der Wunderfizz' (So no Juggernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, ect.) You can only hit the wunderfizz and you must take whatever it gives you. Wall Guns and Dig Guns for weapon options, and like the Wunderfizz, you must take whatever it gives you. (Starting Pistol, Buildables are allowed) -/u/blaruesfox

  • Personal Preference: You may only use the favorite staff of the character you're playing as. (Richtofen: Lightning / Nikolai: Ice / Dempsey: Wind / Takeo: Fire) -/u/TheRobin98

  • I Am No Monster!: You can't use beast mode at all; this means no perks, sword, or pack-a-punch will be obtainable. -/u/Chrisgreate

  • Home Sweet Home: You must stay in the district your survivor belongs to in exception for pack-a-punch, but the round must be at and end to do it, this means no swords or shield unless it is built in your district but you cant get the pieces not in your area. The Magician can use the junction but no other player. -/u/rbrody

  • A Margwa at Heart: If a Margwa spawns, you are not allowed to kill it; this applies to when it spawns on Round 8, and when you complete 2 rituals. -/u/DA3DALUSxGAMER

  • Window Shopper: You must buy 1 Perk, 1 Gobblegum, 1 Wall Weapon, and open all doors before doing the ritual for each district. For example, before you do the spawning ritual, you must buy Quick Revive, the Shieva or the RK5, 1 Gobblegum, and open the first door in the spawn. Then you may activate the Ritual. The same goes for the rest of the Districts. Hope you're good at making money! -/u/DA3DALUSxGAMER

  • Beast Control: You have 4 beast modes total. Goodluck. For the entire game, you can only use 4 beast modes total. So, if playing Solo, you can use the 3 you get when you spawn and one more. If on co-op, you only have 4 beast modes for the whole team so if you have 4 players, it's 1 beast mode each or all one player could use all 4. No matter what, you must only use 4 total. This includes Pack-a-Punch stuff, swords, reviving, everything. Only 4 for the entire game. Choose wisely.

  • We are not the same: THIS IS A CO-OP ONLY CHALLENGE! (Or 4 players, NOT FOR 3 PLAYERS OR SOLO) Basically the two players or two "teams" will not do the same thing as each other. One side can only buy wall guns and buy doors but cannot use beast mode and not have the wonder weapon and cannot do rituals. The other side can only buy from the mystery box and acquire the wonder weapon but cannot BUY doors. (They can buy perks, Gobblegum, rocket shield and sword as an exception.)

    • Back To The Past: In Shadows of Evil, you can only use the Bootlegger and the Bloodhound as your weapons, you cannot use Widow's Wine, (It gives you semtexes, which were not a thing back then.) and you cannot Pack-A-Punch. Anything else is ok. Seems like an easy challenge, if you're box/pod luck is good. -/u/Wolferrs
  • Treyes: You may only kill 2 eyed zombies until you have an entire wave of 3 eyed zombies. -/u/FrostyGreenacres

  • Gun Game: Starting on round 5 you must hit the box once each round and use only that gun for the duration of the wave. -/u/BiTTjL

  • Pistol Panic: You can only use pistols for the rest of the game. This includes your starting weapon (MR6), wall weapons (RK5 and L-CAR 9), and the Annihilator Pistol. Knifing and Grenades are allowed, but the Bowie Knife wall weapon is not. -/u/DA3DALUSxGAMER

  • Classic Der Riese: You may only buy items in relation to the original map, Der Riese. Basic items allowed are Wall Weapons, Doors, and Traps. The only perks you may buy are Quick Revive, Juggernaut, Speed Cola, and Double Tap. Gobble gum and the Annihilator pistol are not allowed. The only Mystery Box weapons allowed are the Ray Gun, The Wunderwaffe DG-2, and the Monkey Bombs. You may only Pack-a-Punch once per gun. It'll seem just like old times. -/u/DA3DALUSxGAMER

  • Lucky Gun Game: Starting at Round 5, you must spin the box and get a new box gun every round up until Round 20. Once you reach Round 20 you must swap your gun every 5 rounds. You are not allowed to use traps or Pack-a-Punch until Round 20. You can use any Gobblegum. In terms of perks, you can buy Juggernog at any time during the game on any round. As for the rest of the perks you can only buy them every 5 rounds in a specific order (the second perk you buy must be the secret sixth perk) - Juggernog (Round 5), Stamin-Up/Deadshot Daiquiri (Round 10), Double Tap II (Round 15), Speed Cola (Round 20). Quick Revive does not need to be bought but is optional. Mule Kick is unnecessary for this challenge and will make it unnecessarily hard. As for the second weapon, that can either be your starting pistol or any wall gun (It must be a wall gun!) but you can only use it after Round 20. If you get a fire sale or a fire sale Gobblegum, you are allowed to use it as many times but you must use the gun you get for the next Round. You could change the rules of this challenge to fit any map. - /u/chrisd848

  • One Window Challenge: Open all doors on the left side of spawn and make your way to Teleporter B, but don't open any doors in that room (the teleporter door and the stairs). Staying in that room will force all the zombies to spawn and come from the one window in that room. Use any perks/guns etc... -/u/NiezLa

  • RNG Gobblegum Challenge: Go to a random number generator and generate 5 random numbers of gobblegums and select only those out of the unlocks/megas. Open only the doors that lead to the gumball machines, and buy a gobblegum every round. You must take every gumball that is rolled, even if it replaces the gumball you already have. If you miss a round you have to roll the box twice (after round 7) or once before round 7, and not take the weapon it gives. -/u/MarioMain31

  • Farsighted: Before the game, switch to recon scope on all of your guns (unless the gun does not offer it or if it is a sniper, then use the default scope) and you may only use a gun that has a scope. This means no shotguns, pistols, grenades, tripmines, annihilator, or guns that don't have the recon scope unlocked. PaP, Perks, Gobblegum, knifing (however no Bowie Knife), and Monkey Bombs are allowed. -/u/ImakePOPTARTS

    • Teleporter C?: You may not go past the courtyard to teleporter c. meaning no catwalk camping, perk in Dr. Maxis's office, linking the teleporter or using the mystery box if it spawns on the catwalk. You may only buy the perks in the locations before it (except for the sixth perk due to needing the last teleporter) and you can only use 'On the house' gobblegum to try and get either one. You are also permitted to use the 'Wall power' gobblegum. GL. -/u/SirAaronII
  • Classic: No Bow/Shield/Spikes, only weapons (PaP) and perks (gumballs optional/free choice). -/u/Kendev

  • Rich Man's Game/Poor Man's Game: This challenge is similar to the Rainbow Perk Challenge, but you have to buy perks in order of cheapness. If you are playing the Rich Man's Game version, you purchase perks in the order or most expensive to least expensive. The order would be as such: Mule Kick (4000), Speed Cola (3000), Juggernog (2500), Stamin-Up/Double Tap (2000), Deadshot Daiquiri/Electric Cherry/Widow's Wine/Quick Revive (IF PLAYING MULTIPLAYER) (1500). For the Poor Man's Game, you start off with the cheapest perks then gradually get more expensive. IF PLAYING SOLO, QUICK REVIVE IS FIRST IN THE POOR MAN'S GAME CHALLENGE, AND LAST IN THE RICH MAN'S GAME CHALLENGE. -/u/ghostrider2231

  • It's Electric: You may only damage zombies with electric based weapons and attacks after round 15. Meaning, you must obtain the lightning bow before round 15 or you must go without. You must Pack-a-Punch your weapon to be equipped with Dead Wire. You may not knife unless you have Pop Shocks. Electric based traps are the only allowed. You may not use the Rocket Shield offensively. Widow's Wine is allowed. -/u/HelixFDB

  • The Waiting Game of Luck You may only use the mystery box for weapons and the Der Wunderfizz machine for perks. You can use the box every round and the Wunderfizz machine every five rounds. You are only allowed to Pack-a-Punch for every 300 kills. Shield is allowed, bows/spikes/gobblegums are not allowed. -u/MetalGearEvangelion

  • Pyramid Power To start the challenge, you must have the Wraith of the Ancients, Power, and Anti-Gravity. If you are going to use your secondary weapon, it HAS to be the BRM, and it must be bought off the wall in the Pyramid room. The Challenge officially starts on Round 10, so be quick. You can activate Pack-a-Punch to spawn in the Pyramid room if you have time, but once it becomes Round 10, you must stay in the Pyramid Room for the rest of the game! The only weapons you can use are the Wraith of the Ancients (no upgrades), and the BRM wall-buy. Perks and Gobblegum's are forbidden. The Shield can be used but ONLY if it is built in the Pyramid Room. The Ragnarok DG-4 is forbidden. So once it's round 10, you must survive in the Pyramid Room with only the Wraith of the Ancients, Shield, BRM, Anti-Gravity, and PaP (if you spawned it in the room). If you run out of ammo for the BRM, you can buy ammo off the wall. This challenge is really strategic, and a lot of fun with 4 people! -/u/DA3DALUSxGAMER

  • The Rpg challenge In this challenge each player can only purchase 1 specific perk . Nobody else can buy that perk, and once you buy that perk your stuck with it for the rest of the game. ( If you die you can rebuy your perk) Thats the main idea. You can add stipulations on top of that like im out to do for each individual map.Mine will be tailored to der eisendrache and the first stipulation is no bows.

    • Classes- Each class has specific items that only they can use.( Weapons, buildables, gobblegums etc)
    • Jugg- Riot shield, Coagulant, Burned out
    • Widows wine- Monkey bombs, after taste, now you see me , danger closest
    • Double tap- Raygun and shotguns only, ( nobody else can use those weapons) fatal contraption
    • Quick revive- Phoenix up, in plain sight, dead of nuclear winter
    • Electric cherry- ragnarok dg4, aresenal accelerator, lucky crit, only played allowed to activate traps
    • Deadshot- Can only use sniper rifles, ( Only player who can use sniper rifles, shieva counts as a sniper rifle) head drama, killjoy, stock option
    • Mule kick- alchemical antithesis, cache back, arms grace, immolation liquidation, respin cycle
    • Stamin up- Only player allowed to used lmg's ( but not restricted to just lmg's) always done swiftly, killing time, undead walking, firing on all cylinders, crawl space, anywhere but here
    • Speed cola- Only player allowed to use fast mags, impairment , armamental accomplishment, im feeling lucky, epheral enhancement, wallbuy power, who's keeping score, licensed contractor, sword flay -/u/xdarkknightx09
  • A Game of Luck Challege: This challenge will force you to adapt to new playing style based on luck:

    • You are NOT allowed the bow or its upgraded variant, the bowie knife, the plunger, any wall guns, any perk machines (with the exception of WunderFizz), or any mega gobblegums.
    • You are only allowed two hits of the box (if you get monkeys and trip mines, then you must play with the MR6).
    • Guns can be packed and double packed.
    • You are only allowed your 4 perks through WunderFizz, and if you get mule kick you are allowed to hit the box one more time.
    • In solo, if you get quick revive and go down, you can get four new perks.
    • If co-op and you go down, you can get 3 perks, then 2, then 1, then 0. If you bleed out however, then you can get four new perks.
    • Weapons from the tram are allowed.
    • Shield and Ragnarok DG4 is allowed.
    • Credit to /u/eliotar for this Challenge. -/u/2Gud2beHuman
  • The Archer's Challenge: Start the game as you normally would, and get the dragons done as soon as possible. From this point onwards, you cannot use any weapon other than the bow. You may continue to open up the entire map, enable Pack-a-Punch and upgrade your bow. At the first possibly opportunity however, Pack-a-Punch your MR6 pistol and leave it in the machine, leaving you with ONLY the bow.

    • HARDCORE MODE: No monkey bombs, shield, Ragnarok DG4, or gobblegums allowed either.
    • Interesting Facts: The only four perks that can be of use to you are Quick Revive, Juggernog, StaminUp, and Widow's Wine.
    • Credit to /u/ZwnDxReconz for this Challenge. -/u/2Gud2beHuman
  • NASA ZOMBIE: Start the game as you would normally. But once you hit round 10 you must make your way to the rocket testing area and remain there for the rest of the game. You can but the wall gun there and only buy another gun if you get a fire sale. No perks allowed gumballs are allowed. In short terms you can only buy what is at the rocket testing area. /u/Haza2000

    • Back To The Past: In Shadows of Evil, you can only use the Bootlegger and the Bloodhound as your weapons, anything else is ok. Seems like an easy challenge, if you're box/pod luck is good. -/u/Wolferrs
  • Top 5 Challange

    • First Round - Can buy one door Every 5 rounds you can buy another door. You can hit the wunderfizz only, but can only pick up the top 5 perks from it Jug-Widows-Double-Electric-Slight (Replace electric on solo)
    • You Must Spin This 3 Times: These are the only weapons you get to use in this game (Including The MR6) You spin this next one before the game You get one spin here is the link to the bow chance. You can rarely get a bow or lightning bow, but normally you get nothing Link: -/u/psyceric
  • Sticky Situation: On round 5, you cannot cut any spider-webs that have blocked off machines or doors, until you have Widow's Wine. If you want to cut webs BEFORE you have Widows Wine, you must equip an In Plain Sight gobblegum. When you are In Plain Sight, you can cut webs. This is a challenging game mode that requires smart use of the map, and currency. Playing with friends makes this the most fun. -/u/DA3DALUSxGAMER

  • Power?: For this challenge, you can only use the temporary power sources. You are not allowed to turn on the main power switch. Gobblegums that give you free perks (Such as Perkaholic, On the house) are not allowed. This is an extremely hard challenge in solo as Jug spawns in the bunker, and you can not power it without the main power. I recommend doing this challenge in co-op.-/u/Greeny0123

  • Master Gardener: You can only obtain items (perks, weapons, ETC) from the plants. To obtain perks you HAVE to make a fruit plant. weapons from completing your second challenge are not allowed. the only things you can purchase are doors and gobblegums. -/u/YTNagicNightmare

  • Almost, but you choked: When ready to enter the boss battle for the ZnS easter egg, break your gas mask prior to this and do not pick up a new one. Start recording and then enter the boss battle. /u/XPLJESUS

  • No Purchase Challenge: You are not allowed to spend points on perks, wall weapons, the mystery box, gobblegums or transportation methods. You must rely on things available to you throughout the map that can be accessed without points. Doors are obviously allowed to be bought. You must access your weapons and perks through pods. Shield, Gas Mask, KT4 and the Skull of Nan Sapwe are allowed. -/u/TheMajesticLemon

  • Gridlock (Easy): Before the end of Round 10 you must be inside of The Hatchery and survive there and only there for the rest of the game. Before the end of Round 10, there are no rules, you can do anything, for example:

    However, when it turns to Round 11, you must be in The Hatchery (any floor) and you can only leave once every 4 rounds for supplies but you cannot survive elsewhere for more than a full round. You are allowed to use the Gobblegum machine in The Hatchery -/u/chrisd848

    Gridlock (Hard): Before the end of Round 8 you must be inside of The Hatchery and survive there and only there for the rest of the game. Before the end of Round 8, you can:

    However, when it turns to Round 9, you must be in The Hatchery (top & middle floor only) and you can only leave once every 8 rounds for supplies but you cannot survive elsewhere for more than a full round. You are allowed to use the Gobblegum machine in The Hatchery once per round -/u/chrisd848

    Gridlock (Barebones): Before the end of Round 6 you must be inside of The Hatchery and survive there and only there for the rest of the game. Before the end of Round 6, you can:

    However, when it turns to Round 7, you must be in The Hatchery (top & middle floor only) and you can never leave, you can't leave to buy ammo, perks or anything. You are not allowed to use the Gobblegum machine in The Hatchery

    This challenge is to replicate an experience similar to Nacht Der Untoten on Black Ops. -/u/chrisd848


    • Cylindrical Calamity: You must use one cylinder per round unless you fail to pick one up. -/u/XPLJESUS